Come see what we have brewing!

Coffee Pot Farm is located in the beautiful Atwood Lake Region of Carroll County Ohio, just thirty minutes south of Canton, two hours south of Cleveland.  We have chosen to share our farm and lives with these beautiful camelids, the Huacaya alpacas.  Whether you are interested in  investigating the investment opportunities or just want to spend time with these often funny and very entertaining animals, plan a farm visit.  We offer multiple blood lines, a variety of colors, and show or pet quality stock. 
Call today to spend an enjoyable afternoon or evening with these beautiful camelids. (330) 575-1934.

There is a also an alpaca store on the farm where you can enjoy the luxury of alpaca.  The alpaca industry is an exciting industry.

Raising Alpacas

Coffee Pot Farm is home to many blue ribbon winners,  Champions and Reserve Champions.  We do sales, breeding, agistment, training, instruction on alpaca care and showing, fleece, alpaca products, and transportation.  We can provide references on request.  And, congratulations to our clients who have purchased our animals and have won their own blue ribbons and championships!  Coffee Pot Farm is know for their exceptional support to their clients.  Don't hesitate, join our family of camelids and friends.

Alpacas are mid-sized, gentle natured animals small enough to be handled by almost anyone.  With a diet composed mostly of grass and hay, along with a small amount of feed, not much more than a fenced pasture is required. Up to six alpacas can be raised per acre of land. No special equipment is required.

In fact, you need not own any land to raise alpacas.  Many people, especially those new to alpacas, will board with an experience breeder who handles the care and feeding of the animals.  Boarding arrangements allow the novice to learn more about alpacas and alpaca care, reducing the amount of initial investment, and allowing for a transition into the alpaca farming lifestyle, if desired.

"While alpacas are certainly huggable, they are also a wonderful investment,
offering outstanding returns."

Investing in Alpacas

Whether you own a farm or choose to board alpacas with an experienced breeder, raising alpacas provides an excellent investment opportunity.  At Coffee Pot Farm I chose to make alpaca ranching my primary livelihood.  In addition, since alpacas are easy to raise, they do not require a great deal of time or effort, making them the ideal second business for those wishing to maintain their careers.
Investing in alpacas can provide outstanding financial returns, offering all of the tax benefits available to other farming activities.
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